A Brave New World

Will this help you as it did me?



By wongceliay


Appeasement: the policy of acceding to the demands of a potentially hostile nation in the hope of maintaining peace.

As outlined in much greater detail here, the governments of France and Belgium (and other countries) appear to think that appeasement of hostile, Muslim immigrants, attempting to build a parallel Muslim society within the host country as they will have no intention of  integrating with the native population, is the answer to the current racial and cultural tensions starting to plague many parts of Europe. It is not.

In the end this limp wristed policy will clearly be a very short term strategy as eventually, aided by the financial help being poured in from Middle Eastern countries, the higher immigrant birthrates and gradual, natural decline of  indigenous numbers as the baby-boomers die off, these nations will all become Islamist republics.  Nothing seems clearer to me.

This new European trend has been fostered by liberal tendencies, short sighted political correctness, financial weakening of the respective economies by inept socialist idealists and the asinine concept of multiculturalism.

Action must be taken now if this policy is to be reversed.

Will these two countries also have to go through the same armed struggles and insurrection  mentioned a couple of posts ago on the Indian sub-continent?

Shortly it will be too late!

By wongceliay

An overdue Christmas message

I found this blog, which offers peace and reconciliation through the Christmas message to the members of all religions, in Freshly Pressed.

I regret this is a little late – but perhaps it’s not really, as this message is one we must keep before us the whole year round if we are to stand any chance in 2013.


By wongceliay

Which do you see as the most dangerous country in the world?

In my ignorance I had suspected that Afghanistan, not Pakistan, was the most dangerous country in the world – though the latter would have certainly come second.

But the cauldron of violence which is the Indian sub-continent is too near to me for comfort; it is too near to anyone; it is too near to you – yet have you even noticed?

And all this emanates from religion and interpretations thereof.

How can this be?


By wongceliay

How it is seen by their own

It is very, very hard not to have great sympathy with the sentiments displayed in the placards carried by these Muslim women demonstrating about the recent ‘gang-rape’ incident in India which certainly ‘put the whole nation on the edge’. 

The words used are exactly what most rational people consider to be the truth about Islam: that it is a very violent and merciless ideology and regarded by many as not being a true religion at all – centering, as it does, almost exclusively on the negative aspects of life. In fact with all the suppression, mistreatment, cruelty, and death it brings in its wake, Islam is the antithesis of what religion is intended to be about to most of us.

In my own view the truth about Islam has been completely misunderstood by both its teachers and the followers – that is quite understandable about events occurring 1400 years ago. How many of us can get exactly right what happened last year or even last month!  

When the Muslim victims of rape are often cruelly punished – yet the perpetrators walk away unscathed, the tone shown on the placards  is totally understandable; where is the deterrent effect of such laws (or lack of them)? How women are able even to survive in these conditions is quite beyond me.

However, if these women had not been at the end of their tether with these regular acts of barbarity they might have been satisfied in the knowledge that their concerns are recognized and a just punishment imposed always on the perpetrators. They may be damaging their own just case by inflammatory language.

Unfortunately, however laudable  are the sentiments of  Matthew 5:44 I cannot see such language will ‘cut much ice’ with gang-rapists.

By wongceliay

Is genocide really necessary?

Whilst the stated aim of Islam is to conquer and replace all religions and to implement Sharia law, by force if necessary, in the place of democracy then genocide will be the only means.
Hindu’s must take the challenge, as will we all it seems eventually.
Our main enemy is complacency to this real  threat in our midst.


By wongceliay

Sermon from a parish priest

My general philosophy is to ‘live and let live’.

It is perhaps difficult, if not impossible, for ‘straight’ people to understand the feelings of  those involved in ‘same-sex’ relationships so you might say we are not equipped to pass a meaningful opinion.

However, it seems to me that with this group constituting such a small percentage of the overall population that this topic draws far more attention than it really deserves.

By all means let those of this persuasion enter into appropriate civil ceremonies for their security and comfort but please do not permit the marriage route which should be preserved for those for whom it was intended.

The sermon mentioned in this reference therefore is slightly ambivalent – though what else could be said?

By wongceliay

The source of my charity

In the basement of the nearest shopping mall to my condo is my favorite, second-hand, rather run down, charity bookstall where I get a lot of my reading matter.

The time before last that I bought some books the price was RM4.70 each and on this last visit it had risen to RM7.50 each. That is no problem as the books are in good condition; it is still a good price and usually for a good cause.

The time before last the charity was called Farm Trust or something similar (perhaps they were raising money for disadvantaged pigs!).  This time it was for orphans.

Normally, I return the books I have already read and give them back to be sold again. I expect all their merchandise is given freely.

On this last occasion I placed my single book on the till counter and then went to browse leisurely through the shelves until I found two fresh books I fancied which I took back to the queue at the till.

When it came to my turn to pay over the total of RM15 I found I had a RM200 note together with a purse full of change totaling exactly RM14.50, unfortunately. I said to the cashier, who had only a small amount of takings at that time of day, ‘tell you what, you give me 50 cens for the book I brought in and I will be able to pay you in cash the full price’.

She said, ‘I cannot do that or my till WILL BE OUT’!

Luckily, another assistant heard the conversation and gave me the tiny deficit out of her pocket.

You will have heard the expression: Charity starts at home, well in this case it certainly did.

By wongceliay