Dear Muslim

I find this article (watch the video at the end) to be full of hope and reconciliation.

Surely all religions should be tolerant of each other and not be mutually exclusive.

But, do not all religions explain to us that the creator of the whole universe was God? And is God not the same being in all religions, just with a different name?

Surely God,  the ultimate entity capable of  such unimaginable feats, did not create mankind – His most advanced, living achievement – to spend life on earth following to the letter detailed diktats laid down in Holy books; books  written by men, many centuries ago when man’s understanding and knowledge was so simple and basic. 

Such Holy books perhaps laid down the headline wisdom necessary for us to survive in harmony together. Such basic guidelines were based on common sense anyway and should come naturally to us all.

Why bestow on human beings the intellectual ability to think for themselves and make profound decisions which affect the whole planet if  they were  destined to follow blindly like sheep what others demand and to spend so much time in worship by rote.

How much real thought goes into such worship?

What would such regular displays of worship and constant adoration by us all achieve from God’s point of view?

How much satisfaction would be derived from an eternity of  receiving obeisance even if it was from 100% of the population? Would the effort of creation be worth that very limited outcome?

 I don’t think so – do you?


By wongceliay

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