The source of my charity

In the basement of the nearest shopping mall to my condo is my favorite, second-hand, rather run down, charity bookstall where I get a lot of my reading matter.

The time before last that I bought some books the price was RM4.70 each and on this last visit it had risen to RM7.50 each. That is no problem as the books are in good condition; it is still a good price and usually for a good cause.

The time before last the charity was called Farm Trust or something similar (perhaps they were raising money for disadvantaged pigs!).  This time it was for orphans.

Normally, I return the books I have already read and give them back to be sold again. I expect all their merchandise is given freely.

On this last occasion I placed my single book on the till counter and then went to browse leisurely through the shelves until I found two fresh books I fancied which I took back to the queue at the till.

When it came to my turn to pay over the total of RM15 I found I had a RM200 note together with a purse full of change totaling exactly RM14.50, unfortunately. I said to the cashier, who had only a small amount of takings at that time of day, ‘tell you what, you give me 50 cens for the book I brought in and I will be able to pay you in cash the full price’.

She said, ‘I cannot do that or my till WILL BE OUT’!

Luckily, another assistant heard the conversation and gave me the tiny deficit out of her pocket.

You will have heard the expression: Charity starts at home, well in this case it certainly did.

By wongceliay

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