How it is seen by their own

It is very, very hard not to have great sympathy with the sentiments displayed in the placards carried by these Muslim women demonstrating about the recent ‘gang-rape’ incident in India which certainly ‘put the whole nation on the edge’. 

The words used are exactly what most rational people consider to be the truth about Islam: that it is a very violent and merciless ideology and regarded by many as not being a true religion at all – centering, as it does, almost exclusively on the negative aspects of life. In fact with all the suppression, mistreatment, cruelty, and death it brings in its wake, Islam is the antithesis of what religion is intended to be about to most of us.

In my own view the truth about Islam has been completely misunderstood by both its teachers and the followers – that is quite understandable about events occurring 1400 years ago. How many of us can get exactly right what happened last year or even last month!  

When the Muslim victims of rape are often cruelly punished – yet the perpetrators walk away unscathed, the tone shown on the placards  is totally understandable; where is the deterrent effect of such laws (or lack of them)? How women are able even to survive in these conditions is quite beyond me.

However, if these women had not been at the end of their tether with these regular acts of barbarity they might have been satisfied in the knowledge that their concerns are recognized and a just punishment imposed always on the perpetrators. They may be damaging their own just case by inflammatory language.

Unfortunately, however laudable  are the sentiments of  Matthew 5:44 I cannot see such language will ‘cut much ice’ with gang-rapists.

By wongceliay

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