Appeasement: the policy of acceding to the demands of a potentially hostile nation in the hope of maintaining peace.

As outlined in much greater detail here, the governments of France and Belgium (and other countries) appear to think that appeasement of hostile, Muslim immigrants, attempting to build a parallel Muslim society within the host country as they will have no intention of  integrating with the native population, is the answer to the current racial and cultural tensions starting to plague many parts of Europe. It is not.

In the end this limp wristed policy will clearly be a very short term strategy as eventually, aided by the financial help being poured in from Middle Eastern countries, the higher immigrant birthrates and gradual, natural decline of  indigenous numbers as the baby-boomers die off, these nations will all become Islamist republics.  Nothing seems clearer to me.

This new European trend has been fostered by liberal tendencies, short sighted political correctness, financial weakening of the respective economies by inept socialist idealists and the asinine concept of multiculturalism.

Action must be taken now if this policy is to be reversed.

Will these two countries also have to go through the same armed struggles and insurrection  mentioned a couple of posts ago on the Indian sub-continent?

Shortly it will be too late!

By wongceliay

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